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Virus Removal – We will get rid of those pesky viruses that can take over your computer as well as teach you how to be more careful in the future.

Spyware Removal — We will clean and protect your system to make it more secure. Also, we can teach you the basics of cyber security if necessary.

Restores — Sometimes customers just want a fresh copy of Windows on their computer. We will back up important files, documents and reload windows. Also, we will reinstall major programs.

Wireless Setups — Connect all your computers and handheld devices to the internet. Wirelessly and securely!

Networking — Set up a small network between computers to share files and data.

Wireless Printer Setup - You'll be able to print from your laptop without having to get up from your couch!

Business Services — Call us about getting your business computer systems set up or repaired

General Clean up — Garbage, extra files, along with programs can build up over time and wreak havoc on your computer.

System Optimization — There are a lot of little tweeks also customizations that can make windows run faster and help you get what you want done.

Software Repairs — Sometimes programs just won't work. We will investigate, troubleshoot, and do whatever it takes to get your programs back on track.

Troubleshooting — Computers are complex and we have mastered the art of troubleshooting hardware issues and tracking down the bad part or piece of the software that is causing problems for you.

Hardware Repair — Just like cars, computers need parts from time to time. We buy parts on an as needed basis and shop for the best prices for you!

Setups/Installs — New Computer? New Software? We will get you all set up and show you what you can't do!

Upgrades — Sometimes all it takes is adding or changing a piece of hardware to bring your old or lower-end PC alive and healthier than ever!

Data Transfer — We can move data from a broken computer to a new one. We can also move your data to any storage device you would like to use.

Data Recovery — If you're not able to get into Windows to get your files and data, we can help!

Miscellaneous — There are many things that we can do for you even if it is something like making a Home Theater Computer or other special situations. Call and inquire!